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Hi, I have dermoid cyst on my right ovary about 3cm (US was done 3 months ago). They know that I'm trying for a baby but they don't want to remove the cyst before I get pregnant. In my opinion it would be better If I will have surgery before pragnacy. Please help me, what do you think?



Is the cyst causing you any pain now? The reason your doctor wants to wait - even more so if he/she knows you're trying to get pregnant - is that usually when they do the surgery to remove the dermoid cyst, chances are ovary, or sometimes both are removed, too. So basically, as long as the cyst isn't causing you pain and your doctors are aware of it and will monitor it for changes, it's common practice to leave the cyst in and have a functioning ovary. You'll need them to get pregnant and you'll need thm through the first part of the pregnancy.

Most women usually find out for the first time they have dermoid cyst when they do an ultrasound during pregnancy. Dermoid cyst might cause bit more discomfort during pregnancy, but it won't affect the baby's development in any way. So that's why these cysts usually get removed after the pregnancy.