HI guys, hope someone can read this and can answer my question. I am 8 weeks pregnant right now and I found out two weeks ago that i had a 7.79cm mature dermoid cyst in my left ovary. My OB said that we need to wait until I get in my second semester in pregnancy. I'm a bit worried and confused if I should undergo in a operation to remove it or just wait until the delivery of the baby. Is there someone who had this kind of situation? I'm freaking out right now and everyday I'm looking and searching in the web what should I need to do? Honestly I'm afraid in the operation because I don't want to have a miscarriage because of the stress from the operation just like my ob said. Operation like this can give stress to the mother that cause miscarriage in the end :( Not all the time, but still afraid in it. ope someone can give some advice.   

Thank you in advance!