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I'm 14 weeks pregnanct. On June 8th I had to go to the ER cause I had lots of cramps and pain on my left ovary and they found a 3cm ovarian cysts, to be honest they never told me what kind it was. Then on July 10th I went to the ER again cause I woke up bleeding brown discharge and had lots of pain. Well they then found a 3cm dermoid cyst on my right ovary this time.... How dangerous are cysts to pregnancies? Can they cause a miscarriage? Can I take something stronger other than Tylenol for the severe pain they cause me? I don't think I can take all this pain they cause me, it's interfering with my life so much. They make me really tired and give me lots of stomach pain. Thank you for your answers.


During my first pregnancy I was showing the Gyno department for my dermoind cysts. The day I got the appointment dr's did blood test and found out I was pregnant. Dr said they cant proceed with the operation because of pregnancy. I also had discharge during 1st trimester of pregnancy. They kept regular monitering  and scanning to check if my dermoid was growing of changing position. But all went well had a normal delivery with a baby girl and after 6mth had a operation to remove the dermoid cysts . So dont the Dr will keep a close eye on it