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Hi! Ok, until last year, I've hardly had any sort of problems with food. Now I understand that I am lactose intelorant. With this condition, it seems that I also get severe bouts of diarrhea, pain in my stomach that seem worse than cramps, and gas in my stomach.

Sometimes after consuming food, I immediately have to go to the bathroom, and I don't understand why. Even now, my mom made me pancakes a few days ago, and it contained a bit of lactase and my stomach is acting up again. Or it could be something entirely different. I've eaten chocolate and nothing seems to happen. I've tried different foods and somethings seem to trigger my onset of bathroom related problems and others don't. This very moment I'm feeling discomfort in my lower abdomen (like there's fireworks going off in every direction) and some sharp pains every few minutes. I don't believe that being lactose intolerant causes this many problems.

If someone can give me at least some sort of information, that would be much appreciated. I've tried to google my symptoms, but it comes down to so many things. I'm just really tired and confused. :-( :-(


Your problem sounds like irritable bowel syndrome. Ask Your doctor about that.