I found out that I had cervical cancer in late July. I had a hysterectomy and then six weeks of radiation. About two weeks into radiation my rectum burned and hurt so badly that all I could do was sit in the bathtub. I had started running again after the hysterectomy but had to stop due to the pain and the severe diarrhea. After radiation and internal radiation I thought the symptoms would go away and as it isn't as bad as during radiation I am still having a lot of problems after each bowel movement. My life comes to a stand still after each bowel movement. I have to sit in a bathtub of hot water two and three times after a bowel movement. I take advil and extra strength tylenol but that doesn't seem to be working. I have to lay down until it stops which is usually hours later. I had an endoscopy on Monday and have not found out the test results yet.
I used to be very active and now I am afraid to do the activities that I loved most. After reading some of the other sufferers stories I think I need to examine my diet. I've lost about 18 pounds because I am so afraid of eatting something that will cause me more problems. Should I eat less fruit, cottage cheese and yogurt? Should I not drink wine? After my surgery I quit drinking diet cokes so all I drink now is water and a glass of wine in the evening.
I am so frustrated and would like my old life back. Any suggestions?