I have had hemoroids for about 3 years now and only got diagnosed by a doctor with them 2 months ago. Before the diagnos i had bleeding at bowel movements and no pain just itching.
A week ago i had my colonoscopy and was told i have a couple hemoroids. After this colonoscopy these hemoroids are extremely painful at bowel movement, feels like im on fire, never felt anything like it. After the bowel movement i can't sit or even walk its so painful. It takes me about 2 hours to finish 1 bowl movement due to pain. I had to take my pain killers that i get for something else due to the pain.

I already eat fiber, fruits and drink metamucil (sp?) also takeing some pills to reduce constipation so the bowl movement is softer.

Can someone please please please tell me what i can do to relieve pain or atleast feel waaaay less pain when i have a bowl movement?