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Hi everyone. Just joined today. I am a 24yrs old male. I have some questions. I have had hemorrhoids in the past which have always gone away in about a week or so. I thought that pain was bad...but now I would give up this pain for the hemorrhoid pain any day.

The only thing that recently changed was my diet. I've always enjoyed working out and eating healthy. Recently I've kind of let myself go and just got back into it. So my diet is very good. Along with that, I always take some work out supplements like protein shakes, pre-workout energy supplements, amino acids (BCAA) etc. Im saying all this because this is the only that changed recently. Also...are BCAA (branch chain amino acids) actually acidic?

I normally go the bathroom 2-4 times a day. I know its probably more than usual but i've always been like this. 

It all started maybe 4 days ago. While im going to the bathroom, the pain is unbearable....burns like crazy. I've read multiple threads and was so surprised about how people say "i've had this for 6months" or "i've had it for years". The burning is so bad that I can't picture anyone having this pain for more than a week or two. Unless mine is worse than others I can't imagine having this for that long. It ruins the whole day. I actually can't even finish my bowel movement because the pain is that bad. 

I am using preparation h gel and wipes after each bowel movement to help. I am also increasing my water and fiber intake. 

I hear fissures usually heal on their own. If they do, how long does it take? Because this is terrible.  I am very very active and now all I want to do is lay in bed and sleep since I know when I wake up the pain is gonna be so bad. Plus it doesn't help that I go to the bathroom 2-4 times a day. Now more since the pain will stop me from finishing sometimes. 

I thought it was getting better and today is the worse, so I had to join this forum and post this. The past 3-4 days i've been doing my usual work out and a 2 mile run after. Today though, I don't think that is possible. Does working out/running aggravate the anal fissure more? Just sucks since this is interfering with my daily life.

I rather not get surgery, as I hear it could take weeks to recover from, but the pain/burning is so bad. How long does it usually take for them to heal on their own?

Thanks everyone for the help!


I can understand what u r going through ......I had d same problem soon after my caesrin m 21yr old female had this problem since then waited alot but no use ..a day of joy again the same pain.....I had this ayurvedic fissure surgery its about two months ago now d bowel moments go still painful I guess its no use of surgery instead eat fresh fruits veggies n keep Ur active life same it does help a lot....n have easy bowel moments....will help u ease ua pain .


Hi a have hemmoroid to after consuming bcaa since 2 month , it is the only new thing in this 2 month .