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Im 5'5' and about 145 pounds, I eat healthy and exercise 6 days a week. I have a low thyroid and see the endocrinologist on a regular basis. After my last visit we discussed that my abdomen was extremely distended, she recommended that I go see my OB/GYN for a pelvic ultra sound. After that appointment the doctor ruled out being pregnant or other issues, but suggested the next step would be to see a GI doc. My only fear of going to the GI doc is that they are more than likely going to suggest a endoscope and/or a colonoscopy, not sure those are great choices. But I can tell you that my stomach hurts after I eat or drink and becomes distended. Any suggestions, thoughts or help would be appreciated. 


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Hi there, mgm74.

From your post it`s not clear is your abdomen distended or bloated. The difference between those two states is that distension means that your abdomen is actually larger than usual, while bloating means that you only have the feeling that abdomen is larger than normal. Just for that, it will be good idea to visit your GI. 

Distension is more serious condition that bloating, and can be caused by many various things, such as air, fluid or tissue. 

Apart from abdominal pain, other symptoms includes obesity, muscle cramps, swelling,... 

Maybe you will need colonoscopy, but don`t be afraid, it will help you to rule out some serious conditions. I`m hoping you will be all right.