Hi, this is my 1st post. I have been urinating alot at night of late. Dad has diabetes & prostate issues at 72 yrs old, thus I'm 47 yr old male & checked this out w/ a urologist. He did cytoscopy & blood tests & all is ok with bladder/prostate. But a ct scan found distended stomach, & colon markedly distended w/ feces/stool. All blood work is fine -- but my mom had colon cancer in 2000 & died at age 61. Only known cancer in family, including grandparents who passed away in late '80s/early 90s of non cancer causes.

I get left flank pain but kidney was ruled out so far. I have supra pubic main (like a female gets menstrual cramps says my g/f, I guess) & a general moving around type electric-type pain in the abs when I feel like I need to have bowel movement. I had 3 bowl movements on Sat. (2 days ago) but I was taking a stool softener -- given by the er doc that ran ct scan 2 wks ago. But late Sat. night I had lower ab pain near bladder area, thus went to er & was told to stop stool softener because of poss. GI upset.

Spoke to a gastroenterolgist today on phone & she has the new results of ct scan 2 wks ago. Also had ab ct scan in '03 for more severe ab cramps but casue never found. Took a med given at er & it went a way a day or so later w/ a GI cocktail of sorts.

I'm most worried due to family hist. of mom's colon cancer in '00 that was stage 4 when found.

No nausea, blood in stool, irregualr shape or color of stool, no vomit, etc. Only this diffuse pain & ct scan findings of distention. I eat alot of fruit & veggies & no red meat. Fish, chicken, etc as protein.
I'm a healthnut that doesn't smoke but has a few wine or beers a week. I workout & feel ok other than this, but I'm worried this is a major problem.

GI doc will do colonscopy & EGD exam soon. Both on same day, & scope the esophagus down & the colon goung up. Mom's cancer wasn't found on colonscopy, as it was primary adenomacarcinoma but was high up GI tract above reach of colonscope.

Thanks for any advice.