Last March I went to the ER for a slight stomach pain and occasional light dizziness. Things proceeded to get worse with my stomach and the dizziness and I have had multiple CT Scans done of the head and neck. MRI of the brain, head area, all came back with nothing. Blood work had all been good. Well, the dizziness never did go away and the stomach became an issue again from the Fall on. I am taking 40 and 20 mg of Omeprazole in the morning and at night. and 40 mg of Pepcid before I go to sleep. I was also diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and have been on a auto pap machine since July, which is also when the dizziness issue kind of increased. Looking for answers as to what may be causing all of this. I have seen neurology, pulmonology, gastrology(had an endoscopy done which came back fine), neurovascular.