I am 14 years old and since April I've been having problems with my stomach. My symptoms include bad chronic nausea and upper abdomen burning basically all the time. Everyone once in awhile I'll get some sharp pain on my right side. The thing is the doctors have been searching for 8 months now to figure out what's wrong with me so far. All tests i've had done all came came normal. I've had heida scans done, 3 endoscopy, a ct scan, a gastric emptying test(something was abnormal but it just was that my stomach doesn't fully expand the full length but this isn't what's causing my pain) and I just had a test done today where I had to drink barium and they kept taking pictures. It was somehing checking to see if all my muscles or organs or whatever were fine and that was normal. I'm afraid they're gonna run out of tests to do. It's a pain they can't find out what's wrong because I'm tired of being in pain all the time. Anything I eat will make me feel sick. I've been losing weight and I'm only 100 pounds. I try to take medicine for the pain and nausea but NOTHING works. I've been to the ER a few times an they tried to give me pain meds but nothing works! Is anyone else living with this problem? I just want a answer to this but the doctors are stumped. My local gastologist gave up on me so now I'm being seen at temple university. Idk what oter tests they can do on me. It's just screwing up my life I'm missing alot of school because of this. So is there anyone else out here with this same situation? It would be really nice to get sone info and maybe when I see the doctor again Friday I can give him mote ideas to look into