Dizzy 24/7, but only when walking or moving my head, what does this mean?

My dizziness is not vertigo (the-world-is-moving sort) but more of camera-fish-eye lense floating feeling (lightheaded). It started around last week of October when I overused my computer time (whole morning until afternoon of internet in which I still had to do chores afterwards at night despite the fatigue).

My initial though that this lightheadedness is the cause of eye strain. But I have went cold turkey for about three times now (3 to 4 days per try) to no avail. Of course, my computer use is also somewhat lessened because of my worry. However, I still notice that I feel a little bit more awful after a few hours on the computer.

The lightheadedness did subside a bit after a while. Compared to early November, it certainly is more manageable now. However, it does not seem to show any indication that it is going away any time soon. It simply feels a lighter shade of awful than I'm used to since it had come to my life. I still can't function very well. Doing chores is a pain when I always feel a need to lie down. I am about to apply for an office work but I obviously can't commit myself to that either, not until I could get well.

My CBC (Complete Blood Count) is normal, and so are my blood pressure, my breathing, and my heart rate.

So my initial question remains: Dizzy 24/7, but only when walking or moving my head, what does this mean?

2nd question: I’ve been to family doctors, what sort of physician should I visit next? An ophthalmologist?

3rd question: What medical test should I engage myself in next? MRI scan? Your answers are very much appreciated