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i am a 60 year old man, non-smoker, non-drinker. I have had this problem with blood in my stools since May. I have noticed that the blood shows on the paper after bowel movement but not before (a little test i did was wipe before bowel movement to see if there was blood and there wasn't). Blood also shows in stool. I found out that there are 7 types of stool and mine are any one of them at any time of the day. I don't have any pain whatever. I don't think piles or hemorrhoids are involved. I've had those before and there was always pain. There is no fissure at the anus, I have taken a mirror and checked. I don't want to go to a doctor yet, my wife is having her own problems (lungs) and i don't want to upset her anymore than she already is. I would like to find someone that can ask me questions that I can answer and someone that can answer my questions. Maybe, just maybe, I can figure out if I really should see my doctor. I really don't want to bug him at this stage. Not until I am absolutely sure that i should. Please, someone, lets get together on this and answer some questions. If you have any questions that could narrow down the possibilities, ask them and I will answer.


Hi LeeWoo

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the same age as you. Blood in the stools is a big indication of bowel cancer. Don't delay in seeking medical attention. It was discovered I had 'occultic' blood in my stools, and I then went for a colonoscopy. Because I was diagnosed early, I had an operation to remove the tumor before the cancer got established. I understand not wanting to upset your wife, but she would be more upset if you left it too late!

I'd be happy to talk about my experience if it helps. I am in the UK