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i am now 14 and i have noticed a lump not on my ball but about 1cm away from it and its about 1cm squared and there is a weird vain connecting it to my left ball and it's been about 2 years since i first noticed it and it has grown only a small amount. is it any thing i should be worried about any info on what it could be would help and has any 1 else had any thing like this maby you could tell me a bit more about it



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Hi, ben.

A friend of mine had lump on his testicles and when he felt the pain for the first time he immediately gone to the doctor. In hospital told him that they must do operation of lump and biopsy after that to determine the state of it. Operation was very successful and he was recovered pretty much fast. Good thing is that lump was benign, but if it was otherwise, surgery procedure is the best way for that to be treated.

Now, do you feel any pain from your testicles? Or, at least, any rash? Do you have problem urinating? Maybe it's only some sort of fat tissue, but every lump on that part of body needs to be checked.