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So i had this lump on my scrotum thats been there since late last year, i went to go to have it checked out today but when i pointed it out, the lump didnt seem to be there, perhaps because it was cold and my balls were up towards my body :$

Anyway he had a seriously good feel o.O and said that i had a vain there that was bigger than the other one on my right ball causing it to stick out, the thing im worrid about is that he said if it grows to the size of a pea to come back, only that its always been bigger than a pea and i dont think the vain is the problem because there is a lump there, and excuse me if im wrong but can your vains feel like lumps?

So my concern is that should i still be worried knowing that the docter has said nothing is wrong and that hes had a look?

And also, why would the lump just dissapear?

Oh im 15 aswell if that makes any difference, thanks in advance!



Yes, a vein could feel like a lump.

Having said that, I'd say you may want to get a second opinion. I'd probably also go to a urologist as this is their area of expertise.

It could be what is called a variocele, an area of enlarged veins.

You don't need to worry about this. Talk to your parents and get a 2nd opinion.

Let us know what they find please. Good luck.


I agree very much with what medic-dan has said. IT seems to me that if you had an actual pea-sized lump on your testicle that was worth worrying about, it would probably be pretty easy to find even if you were cold with a good feel as you have said. However, I do think you should get a second opinion just to be sure. Keep us posted on what the urologist says!