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Wondering if i have to go to a shrink just to even talk about Adderall? I am almost 56, FM, I suffer intense fatigue/chronic lower leg/foot pain and am sick of it! I have connective tissue issues.  40 lbs overweight. Chronic skin disease that does not respond to ANY treatment including those BIO meds! i.e. Remicade. I have hidradenitis for 30 years and it has ruined any quality of life for me! About 20 years ago i took some Adderall, and OMG, my feet/legs DIDNT hurt at all! And, i felt focused, had normal energy ect..I am just afraid to ask for the med! Any ideas/suggestions! Thanks:-|<<Oh that looks like what my feet look like under attack LOL!!


you have a mineral deficiency look up tissue salts!!!!