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Hello, I'm a 6ft female and 19 years old. I am currently 14 stone and I am really hoping to lose weight for next summer. My weight has seriously began to get me down recently, I feel because of my height I look manly especially being so large. I don't feel comfortable in my clothes and I couldn't possibly go swimming, I can't wear shorts or skirts, I just feel disgusting and my weight is preventing me from wearing what I want and doing what I want. I went on a girl's holiday with my friends to ibiza this year and they were all able to jump about in their bikinis etc while I couldn't even walk about with nice shorts on, I stuck to maxi dresses and I didn't sunbathe/ go in the pool. We are planning on going away next year and I want to be able to do all the things I couldn't this year.

The aim is to lose between 3 to 4 stone, now I rarely eat crisps and I don't eat chocolate, I have tried numerous diets but absolutely nothing is working. I know to cut out junk food and I do exercise daily, but I have been the same weight for about 3 years. I just can't shake it off! Everybody tells me I am not fat, I'm just tall and I'd look daft being thin, but this is absurd! I am fat and I would appreciate anybodies advice or tips they could give me. I have started cutting down today and if anybody has any exercise tips or food tips that would be great!


The recommended weight for a female with 6 feet is 144 – 176 lbs. Nutrition experts are recommending 2-3 pounds of weight loss in a week; you will be pretty by cutting down 2-3 stones of weight. To achieve your weight loss goal, you need to stick with healthy diet with all essential fats, proteins and carbs. Also have to go with good working out schedule.

Here I am giving some weight loss, it may helpful to you.

Consume minimum 1500 calories per a day (schedule your calories as per your daily activities), don’t take whole plate at once; take your calories in 5-6 meals (3 full meals and 2/3 small snacks). Small meals keep your metabolism rate in active for a long while.

High metabolic rate is helpful to increase weight loss.

Fruits and veggies should occupy most of your plate, stop visiting fast food restaurants.

Consume negative calorie foods.

Negative calorie foods are taking more calories while chewing, in digestion process; actually what they are giving (calories amount) to us.

Apple, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, papaya, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, cucumber are good food sources for negative calories.

Stop consuming excess levels of sugars and sugar containers.

Drink plenty of water and eat more fibers.

Fibers digestion process is little slow so you are free from hungry for more time.

Here you need to concentrate on one thing, when a person mindfully increasing the fiber levels he/she must drink more and more water else it causes constipation.

Spend enough time to do working outs as per your strengths and stamina.

For chest you can do push-ups.

For back/biceps you can do pull-ups.

For legs you can do lungs and hamstring.

For abs you can do crunches.

Take a minute rest in between the set gap.

I hope it helps.



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I've taken a look at your BMI and it is 26.6, which puts you into the overweight category. Healthy BMI is between 18 and 25, so your weight should be somewhere between 9 stone 7 pounds and 13 stone 2 pounds. 9 stone 7 is definitely very low and would be very low for your height and healthwise, it's usually recommended that your BMI sits at around 22 - which is around 10 stone 7 pounds. Double check this info yourself though - I'm not a doctor and so this is info you should double check before taking my advice :)

I find that it isn't just about cutting out junk food, chocolate and biscuits. I have been losing weight steadily for three years and have lost five and a half stone so far, with another 12 pounds to go. It's about completely re-educating yourself and eating things that are good for you. And if you come off the diet, you won't maintain your weight. You need to make this a lifestyle change.

I eat two portions of wholegrains each day (2 slices wholemeal bread from a 400g loaf, 100g cooked wholegrain pasta of any type, 200g jacket potato, 30g wholegrain cereal), two portions of low fat calcium (cheese or milk, I also eat stuff like blue cheese but just small quantities) and unlimited veg, fruit and lean protein. Everything else I count the calories for, stuff like gravy, chocolate, crisps etc so that I can have small treats. My daily extra limit is about 300 calories. I still eat crisps, but I make different choices - walkers hoops and crosses are only about 84 calories and you have loads of them for the calories. Ryvita minis are also good as they contain loads of fibre.

My advice is to write down absolutely everything you eat the moment it passes your lips. Diets do work but you have to stick to them and keeping a food diary is a really good way to make sure that you're only eating what you think you're eating - we all forget that extra bite of cheese while preparing dinner or that chocolate bar we had on the bus.

You should swap everything white - i.e. white pasta, white bread and white rice for brown or wholegrain. Wholegrains are packed with fibre which has been proven to help weight loss, as it is a form of fibre that you cannot digest. This means it helps get everything moving in your digestive tract and also keeps you fuller for longer. Studies have proven that including two portions of low fat calcium per day helps you lose more weight than people who don't eat low fat calcium (I also eat plenty of fat free bio yoghurt as well as my cheese and milk) so it is important that you include this. It is also a good idea to use some of your daily calorie allowance on healthy fats like avocadoes, olive oil and nuts. These won't necessarily help you lose weight but they are incredibly good for you.

Please don't feel like you can't eat what your friends can eat and like you're too big to show off in a bikini. Keep exercising as it's fantastic that you do this every day. Are you doing exercises to tone? It might also be that the exercise you're doing now isn't challenging your body enough and so you're plateauing in terms of the benefits. A good investment is two pairs of ankle/wrist weights of at least 5lb per pair. Strap them on when you're doing cardio for extra benefits or even when you take your dog for a walk. They'll make your muscles work much harder and you'll burn off far more calories, plus, your metabolism will be much more efficient after the exercise - that's why I always exercise first thing in the morning before breakfast (with plenty of water and a banana) or before dinner. The exercise helps to burn off some of the calories that you'll take in during that meal. My exercise plan is actually a bit boring. I do 30 minutes of Zumba a day with weights. But this is enough for me. If you can do more, that's brilliant, but don't kill yourself!

Finally, make sure you drink at least 2 litres of water each day or more if you're exercising and you think you need it. I find that on weeks that I drink less water I lose less weight. Fizzy drinks, even sugar-free ones also bloat me and if I drink these instead of water I tend not to lose any weight on that week.

I hope that helps, and please let me know if you'd like any more help. I'm totally doing what you're doing and so I know how it feels to feel like the big one in the group, it isn't fun, it's really quite rubbish. But you can do it. You just need to absolutely stick to it. Also, allow yourself a treat mean at least once a week. On a saturday I have a takeaway or go out for a meal or go to the cinema and have some popcorn and a milkshake. It means that I don't feel like I'm depriving myself and I have to eat at least a little chocolate each week!