i had a miscarriage 3week ago it was a natural miscarriage and i was 6-7 week and one of the reasons i knew i was miscarrying was because my boobs stopped hurting but in the last 2 week they have gotten really hard and quite painful does anyone know why this could be? me and my bf have being having unprotected sex since but i dont think it could anything to do with anything like that

has anyone experienced simular?

i did do a test the day after i started bleeding ect n i got a negative test so i know that my hgc went down really quickly and its now 3week later so its defo out of my system i really want a baby but i just dont understand why my boobs are hurting so much the last time they hurt this much i was preg but its only being 3week , i also did a test today but it was negative it would still be early to test anyway