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I had sex in may. I thought I was pregnant because my boobs started hurting but that went away. I have had two normal periods, one with more bleeding than usuall and worse cramps. i have switched birth controll last month and i have been getting really sick. like everytime I eat and i have been getting sick at the smell of food. i have lost some weight because of it. i woke up throwing up and took a test and it was positive but i took more and they were all negative. I went to a doctor to make sure and the gave me a blood test and it came back negative, meaning that i wasnt pregnant. but i still get sick when i eat food and the smell and also my stomach is hurting, like the lower part of my abdomen. I dont know what the problem could be? could I be pregnant even though the blood test the doctor gave me said i wasn't? I just want to know why I am feeling like this. Any help would be nice. Thanks!


i would go see if they would give u an ultrasound