Hi all im new here so any advice would be great, i recently had an early miscarriage (dec 2012) had a negative test 1 week after miscarriage and hgc levels were back down to 0 when i was pregnant it was only 20 at 3 weeks and 21 at 4 weeks so knew they was something wrong from the start its now been 5 and a bit weeks since the miscarriage and still no period or bleeding at all have pregnancy symptoms again which went away after the miscarriage but now theyre back ive been having cramping for 2 weeks now and also had a really sharp pinchy pain in the middle area so painful it took my breath away only for less then 5 seconds but wasnreally painful ive taken numerous amount of pregnancy tests and theyve all been negative! I dont understand :-( we are trying to concieve again so hoping i am pregnant again but dont no what else to do any advice or experiences from you would help me so much especially with the sharp pain? Thanks in advance x