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Do you think we are born with are sexual orientation I know I was I'm a lesbian I think we don't choose who we fall in love with, I can never find guys sexually attractive or can not even kiss a guy at all I've known at the age of 14yrs old I'm now going on 28.


You are right when you say we don’t choose sexual orientation. Big mistake people that think it  is an option, it isn’t.  But whether you are born with homosexual or heterosexual orientation, or psychological and environmental factors from your early childhood have a bigger role, nobody really knows. There are some points to be considered: it wasn’t prove yet a genetic trace for homosexuality and also there’s not one single event from early childhood that will define 100% if you are going to be homo of heterosexual. The most important thing is that you accept yourself as you are. Keep in mind that heterosexual don’t ask themselves whether they were born like this or whether is a developmental issue. You should do the same.