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Hello, does anyone know of a good diet to go on to lose weight if you are diabetic?  I need to lose about 80 pounds but I don't like to exercise.  I would like to be able to still eat eggs and bacon in the morning.  I don't think I can give them up!  lol  Maybe like an Atkins diet?  Any input or suggestions? 


Hi, there!  Have you spoken with your doctor about losing weight and if so, what did he say about it?  Did he have any suggestions on how to approach it.  I imagine he suggested just following your diabetic diet and add exercise to your plan?  You will really benefit from exercise, and you don't have to workout hard to reap the benefits of exercise.  You can start by walking up and down the block for 20 minutes.  You may walk somewhere that distracts you from the exercise itself, like the park or the mall. Perhaps find a walking buddy who likes to talk so that time goes faster.  You shouldn't go on a diet like Atkins because of your diabetes.  It doesn't offer enough carbohydrates for you and you could become hypoglycemic from the diet.  You should stick with the diet your doctor or dietician offered to you.  Are you looking to lose weight fast?  The diet that your doctor recommends is appropriate for weight loss and provide you with enough to eat of healthy choices that you should lose weight slowly and steadily.  You will be able to lose 80 pounds in a year, and that weight should stay off.  You will also have good control of your blood sugar.  Many diabetics who lose weight have better blood sugars and go off their medications a lot of the time. 

Are there any diabetic patients that would like to share their stories about losing weight on the diabetic diet?