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Hello Everyone

I am so excited about this diet, that I want to pass this message on to anyone suffering from diabetes. I was diagnosed in 2006 and have been prescribed Meformin 500mg 3x day as well as Gliclazide 80mg twice a day.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I am not very keen in allopathic medicine because 1) the side effects and 2) allopathic medicine CAN NEVER cure chronic illnesses.

I stopped taking the Metformin and Gliclazide from January this year.

I came across this diet that you can eat as much as you want, no portion control or calorie counts.

It has reduced my fasting blood sugar from an average of 9.55 mmol/L in december 2009 to under 7 mmol/L so far this month.

I got my HbA1c test done and by results are: 7.4 ! It was 9.3 the last time it was taken (about 8 months ago). my fasting blood sugar was 9.5 (8 months ago) and this time it was 6.2 !

So yes, I am very happy with the results.
Oh and yes, I have lost weight too. I lost 3 kgs in the first month!

This diet is so simple and effective that anyone determined to have an improved lifestyle can do it.

I now have my blood glucose under control (with no medication), I eat as much as I want, my cholesterol is so perfect and I have so much more energy now.

I have written a pdf book on this diet if anyone is interested. It is FREE, nothing to pay now or ever.

All I ask is that if you decide to take up the diet, you give it your 100% for at least 3 weeks.

Please email me if you want it.

Good Luck



I have diabetes from last 3 years but I am not able to control it fully.

Recently My fasting blood sugar crosses 250 and that blowed up my mind.

I dont want to take any medicine so I have started eating less and no sugar at all.

Can you send me your diet plan to reduce sugar level without medication.



Sorry I didn't mention my email id.

Please send your diet plan on id:

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please check your email


i am interested in your diet program for reversing diabetes - could you please, please send it to me. Thank you


Hi, I would like the diet sheet as i have got diabetes and would like to lose weight and come of the tablets Gordon Stewart


Hi, I would like the diet sheet as i have diabetes and want to lose weight and Come of the tablets Gordon Stewart.


Hi I've just read your post, would it be possible to take a look at the diet plan my

many thanks

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