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Hi there girls,

I still want to find out so many things about this subject. So, does thyrin atc thyroid diet pill actually work? Do you have experience with it, did you have lost your weight using these pills? What might happen if you stop using them, will you gain your weight back or you just need to continue with the diet? Talking about a diet, which one is the best to combine with these weight loss pills? Is it a low carb or some other?

I am very curious , because I want to try it, but I am not sure yet.

Your opinion?



wow :) OK...Let's start. Yes, these pills actually work. I have lost 32 kilograms for one year and two months. Maybe this sounds a little to you, but it is not at all. I did not gain any weight back because I stopped using them. I gain my weight back because I was eating junk, fried food and chocolate. I prefer low carb diet, because it is the best for me so far. You need to know that every person's metabolic function and potential to lose weight is very different. You should exercise as well if you want to see some good results.

If you have any other questions, fell free to ask ;)




Hi there,

thanks a lot! This was really helpful for me. Yes, I know that we all have so different metabolism. I know that I might lose a little weight  or gain some weight back after thyrin atc diet pills. But I must say that I am really happy for you, because these pills are great for you. Great results!

Now I must say that I am very positive :) I really hope that I am going to have almost the same experience like you did! I am afraid of the possible side effects.

I really hope that I am going to be happy as you are.