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Hi there,

So thanks to these stories, I have recently bought Relacore. I don’t use it yet, but I will start next week, that is sure! I was so happy with it, but my aunt told me that I can’t lose my weight that fast as I was thinking. She told me that I need to find some other solution.

But, I need something efficient and safe to lose my weight quickly, because I want to fit in my dress for 24 days exactly. I was looking something on the internet, and according to ingredients, it sounds good.

Can you tell me does relacore weight loss pill work fast?

Thank you! 



Hi everyone,

Well, it depends. We are totally different and you can never tell will some diet pill will work the same for you and for me, for example. I remember when I was using it, I lost my weight pretty fast, and in one month I believe.

So, for me it worked just fine, I didn’t have some problems with it.

Did you consult your doctor before buying it?

Maybe you will have some side – effects, you can never know.

It can work really fast with some good diet program and some good exercising program.

Good luck!

Take care! 



Hey there,

I made appointment with my doctor, and I went to see him today. He did some tests, and he told me that I am perfectly fine, so I can use Relacore. I asked him a little bit about those diet pills, and he told me that he is not such a big fan of diet pills, that he only believes in alternative medicine :), but that Relacore diet pills for weight loss are pretty safe, because he had a lot of patients on those diet pills.

So, I am going start using them tomorrow and I will inform you about my experience :), of course, if you are interested in it :) lol

Thank you!