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Hello boys and girls,

I was big fun of cereal diet. I mean, I am still one of them. But, I have to say that lately, whenever I turn around, I can hear that people are not happy with this diet program. The true is, I have tried this diet program a few years ago, and I just can’t remember did I lose my pounds and how much of them. But I know that I was satisfied with it.

A few days ago, my friend asked me to recommend some diet program for her, and when I told her about Cereal diet program, she told me that this one is worse. I am confused.

Does Cereal diet really work for weight loss?



Hello Reina,

Well, it depends. It didn’t worked for me, and I don’t like it as well. My sister was on this diet program for the first seven days, and she saw some progress immediately.

She had a lot of issue with her digestive tract and bowl movements, and thanks to cereal diet program, that has changed. That is totally OK.

She even lost some pounds, not very much, I think that she lost 2 – 3 kilograms in one week, which is ok, if you ask me.

So, you really can try it, nothing can be so bad. Trust me.

Good luck! 




How are you?

I know that I was totally fine with this diet program, and I was like “ What the hell?” when I started to hear all those stories about this diet program.

I know that this diet program is pretty hard to follow sometimes, because it is not that creative, but I am really willing to try. I really love to eat cereals and I even want to follow this diet with my sister as well. It is going to be much easier to prepare the meals together.

Thank you for your information.

You really helped me about this.