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Please can somebody help me.

I have been with my fiance 8years, and we have been trying to conceive for about 2 years. Im not going to make up any excuses for my actions but i would really appreciate some help and advice.

My last period was 29th Sept 2012

I slept with a friend on 21, 22, 24th Sept and took levonel one step (morning after pill) on 24th Sept.

i then slept with my fiance sometime in between 5th oct - 10th Oct?

I took a pregnancy test (clear blue) on 24th October and says im pregnant 1-2 weeks.

Im worried that the bleeding i had on the 29th was an effect of taking the morning after pill (not a period) and that i might of already been pregnant from sleeping with the friend?

Im not expecting my next period until this saturday 27th Oct 2012 but have tested early.

Is there a paternity test to find out who the father is?


After taking Levonelle One Step, usually the next period is on time. Unless your 29 Sept period was particularly light, I would think it was a normal period.

If your last period started 29 Sept, your most fertile days would likely have been 10-15 Oct. Sperm can remain alive for 5 days inside your body. 24 Oct is two weeks after 10 Oct, so that adds up.

There are rare occasions when there is a false positive, but they are rare. However, Saturday is only 2 days away. What you have to decide is what you are going to do if you are indeed proved to be pregnant (and if not!).

While you said you are not going to make up any excuses for your actions, I think you need to ask yourself the reasons for your actions. Even if you are not pregnant, you still need to think about the consequences of what you did to enable you to go forward appropriately. I will ask some questions which I hope will help you focus on this. You do not have to answer publicly, but you need to answer them honestly to yourself.

  1. Why were you unfaithful to your fiance?
  2. Why do you know when you slept with your friend (on 3 specific occasions) but not when you slept with your fiance?
  3. Why did you sleep 3 times with your friend in 4 days, but only once with your fiance in 6 days?
  4. How are you going to talk to your fiance about what happened (he will probably find out sooner or later)?
  5. What will his reaction likely be? How will you handle this?
  6. What is the real reason you are worried sick? Because of what you did? Because of unknown fatherhood? Or what to do next?

I hope this helps you. I don't know where you are (UK? US? Canada?), but there are those who can support you through the oncoming days and weeks.

If this does help, and you think I can be of any more help, please ask (publicly or private message).



Thank you so much for your response. I am definatley pregnant ive done 5 tests all positive. Im just so worried now as i cant live for 9 months not knowing and pretending! I dont think i can bring myself to terminate the pregnancy either :-(

Im wondering if an early pregnancy scan will give me a more accurate answer?

Im just worried as i tested early would that show up positive only just over 2weeks since sleeping with my finace? Thats why i think its more likely to be the friend that i slept with at the end of september? The bleeding that i had  on 29th was just an effect of the leveonelle? I dont remember it being light and think it was 5 days long?

But Having a baby when there is obviously so many issues i need to sort out with my fiance. Im just so confussed, the thing is i read and hear about things like this and i think i would never put myself in that situation yet here i am!

Thank you for your help




I feel sure that Levonelle One Step must have worked because you had your next period and it seemed like a normal period.

I would advise against a termination. It will only add to the issues you have.

Where are you located? UK or America? I might be able suggest where you might be able to get help through this.

Don't bottle this up. You must talk about how you feel. Send me a private message if you want to discuss it further. I'll do my best to help. But talk to someone. Please.



im in the UK.

Thanks for your advice



I would recommend contacting 'Care for the Family'


Hi shepherd999 I am in a similar situation and you seem like you know what your talking about, could you please help me? I would really appreciate this :( thank you