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please help ... I'm 26+5 days pregnant due July 15th this year I had sex with one other person while me and my boyfriend were on a break and of course I ended up pregnant !! I had a miscarriage the month before so I haven't even got a regular period lmp date to go by for accurate dating etc... soooo I'm soo confused .. Never used protection with my boyfriend as we were trying to conceive and slept with another man on the 19th of oct while we we were spilt up,, so according to my dates from scan I would of already been pregnant a week and 4 days!? I didn't use protection with this partner for the first ten mins then a condom until the job was over condom didn't crack as we checked ! then we had sex again on the 22nd of oct same procedure no condom first ten mins


Hi SinGri,

A due date of July 15 corresponds with an LMP of October 8, 2014 which matches your 26 weeks and 5 days (October 9). 

You'd likely have been ovulating sometime between October 19 and 24.

Dates are based on your LMP and NOT when you actually got pregnant.  You don't become pregnant immediately it takes several days.

It could be the "other guy."  You'll need a DNA test to confirm. 

Good luck.