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Hi Everyone, I really hope you can help me with confirming who the father of my baby will be.
First I'll give you a bit of background info. I have been with my (now) fiance for 2 years and we hope to be married next year some time. We broke up a few months ago- he moved out and broke up with me to work out what he wanted (to start a future with me or not). We still saw each other very often and slept together often. During this time I didnt sleep with anyone else or see anyone else. On May 22nd one of my good friends came into town and after an alcohol fuelled night we slept together without protection. I had just come off the pill a few days before. It was a huge mistake in my mind, I've never even been attracted to him, and I dont speak with him anymore.
Then on (*I think it was*) 31st of May I had sex with my now fiance. Immediately afterwards, I got what I believe to be my period. It came when it was supposed to, It lasted for the usual length for me, about 5 days, and seemed to be a regular period.
I am now wondering whether or not it was Implantation bleeding though, as it was about a week after I slept with my friend. I am aware that not all women experience implantation bleeding but it seems a bit of a coincidence. Although I have read that implantation bleeding usually is darker than your period and quite light, and only lasts a few days.
On the 6th of June my fiance and I got back together for good and decided to begin starting a family, and he proposed. We had sex regularly, if not every day since then. I have not had a period since.
I went to my doctor and discovered I'm pregnant. My doctor told me I was 8 weeks pregnant, and now as of tomorrow I will be about 11 weeks pregnant- based on the date of my last period (what I'm pretty sure was a period) and of course a preliminary ultrasound that confirmed the date. So counting back, 11 weeks ago was the 31st of May. What I dont understand is if I had my period starting on that day, how can I have conceived on that day??
Because there is only about a week between when I had sex with my friend and when I had sex with my fiance and got my period, is there any possibility that I could have conceived with my friend, before my period?

I need to be certain about who the father is. There is no way I would have my friend's child. I would certainly lose my fiance if he found out that I had slept with someone else and the child was not his. There is no way I could wait to see what the baby looks like because my friend is Japanese and the baby would obviously look Japanese so there could be no pretending the baby is my fiance's.
If there is a high chance that my baby is not my fiance's then I will have an abortion. So it is imperative that I know for certain who the father is.
My due date is 7th March, If you need it. My fiance and I are just so excited about having a baby together. I thought about having an abortion when I first found out I was pregnant because I was scared, but when we went to the first ultrasound I cried with joy when I saw the heartbeat. I do want to have our baby. But if there is a high chance that it is another man's child then I will abort. I am only 21, my fiance is 28, and my life is already complicated enough without having another mans child.
Please help, I really appreciate any help you can give. After your input, I will go and see my doctor and get his professional opinion.
Thankyou everyone, I look forward to your responses! :-)
Best Wishes and Peace xo


Only one answer. Do you love your baby? Then see this. What if you tell the truth to your bf? What if he can forgive you and still love the baby? Truth will set you free. Free of guilt. You can nener live in peace with your bf with lies. No matter what love your baby whoever the father is and love your bf. its up to him whether to love you and your baby. What ever sets you free, truth is the right thing to do. Accept that you have made a mistake and dont do it agin. Love your child!