i thought I'd post a quick note about my recovery from my tonsilectomy


In the few days following my operation I checked online to see if what I was experiencing was normal and how it would change over the next few days. It was a BIG mistake. I had people telling me that I would never get my taste back, that I would suffer extreme  blood loss, that the pain would on,y get worse for 4 weeks. One person claimed to have to take 5 months off work and another to have become addicted to the pain killers. I'm these saying that these people were lieing but I am saying they are the extremes!

the scariest thing for me was the idea that I wouldn't get my taste back. I was into my second week and couldn't eat anything. Everything tasted horrible and made me feel sick. I was sick every day for the first 8 days and even when the sickness stopped the taste of all foods was discusting. I looked online and was met with hundreds of people claiming to be a year down the line and still not able to eat their favourite foods and to have lots huge amounts of weight from not eating properly. I was terrified I cried and my mom told me not to google anything again! 

A week later I began eating more normal food and slowly my taste came back.. 6 weeks after my op I was eating hot curries again! 


Lots of people have had terrible experiences and the first few weeks are awful, it hurts like hell, you feel sick and exhausted but it does go away! It's been 9 months since my op now and I've never felt better. I suffered terribly with tonsillitis and I could never imagine chow much of a difference it would make having them taken out. Hands down the best thing I've ever done and completely worth the few weeks of pain. 

So if you're considering having the op or are recovering now, just remeber the final outcome! How good it will feel to not have tonsilitis every month! And most importantly, don't listen to the scaremongers, everyone's experience is different. Don't be tempted to Google!


good luck :)