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I am a 23 year old female. I'm supposed to inquire with my doctor about having tonsilectomy. I've had most of the symptoms that would require such surgery, mostly the recurring sore throat. It's only the beginning of March and I've been sick with a sore throat 3 times this year for a week at a time. This happens every year for me, typically this time of year. I work as a teacher so I can't afford to be out this much. I'm quite nervous, maybe even scared. I've had surgery before...wisdom teeth removal, and that was bad enough.

I guess I just need more information about this:
1) How long is the typical recovery time?
2) Are there any risks?
3) How long does the pain last post-surgery?
4) Can you eat or drink post-surgery?
5) I live alone. Would I need care post-surgery? Or can I function alone?

Please help. Thanks!


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I am a nurse so like you had a lot of exposure to bacteria and viruses that cause this.

I had op 31/01/07

Had three weeks off , first week and half just slept ( doped up on codeine)

I live on own, had to have someone there for first day and was so tired that could not really have cooked etc.Felt very wolly headed and actally stepped in front of car as not thinking straight, found my memory bad for first two weeks.

very painful to eat/drink for first week , must ensure they give you strong painkilers not just paracetomol and brufen.

Risk and complications not explained by surgeons, i have still sore tongue/throat , bad taste in mouth. Looking at other posts this seems common but not acknowleged by surgeons.

Would I have it again? Only if could guarentee that the bad taste would not occur.


The recovery is different for everyone, mainly the older you are the worse the recovery. Since you are a teacher I'm assuming your at least past your early twenties and that might not be a great recovery.

I have been looking up foods to avoid post surgery and found this site. I happened to have had my tonsils out today. I am 21 and should have had them out in high school but delayed it. Delaying it isnt smart because recovery will get worse the longer you delay it. I have had a history of ear and throat problems since birth and my tonsils are fairly mangled. I also work over the phone and sore throats are no good for my job too. I decided to bite the bullet and use up all of my sick time to recover.

Today I went into surgery around 9:15 and was under full anesthesia. This is the way to go. Don't let the doctor use local only. I was under the knife for less then half an hour and then still passed out for awhile after (not sure how long) But I have felt fine today so long as I kept my drugs up.

Your recovery will rely a lot on your reaction to certain drugs. I am rather sharp headed and energetic under loritab, no problem. tonight I start my 12 hour morphine. We will see how well I do there. Honestly I might be a special case the doctors were very excited at the success of my surgery and my healthy disposition afterwards. I hear day 3 through seven is when it gets horrible, once the scabbing starts to come off of your tonsils.

You can eat and drink still but its a very specific diet. No dairy (because you have problems keeping spit out of your mouth at first and dairy will get your mouth all mucasy and gross) Nothing crunchy or crispy only smooth liquidy items. Soups, smoothies (with a spoon, NO STRAW) and canned fruits. maybe after a bit of recovery soft white bread sandwhiches but you HAVE to eat while recovering or the drugs will be too harsh and you will get sick. Also there is a lot of pain in your jaw and if you can keep it exercised by funding chewy items it will feel a lot better and not so locked up.

well thats all I know.