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Hey everyone, i just thought i would share my story on here, simply because when i read up about the tonsillectomy i was going to have, i struggled to find any positive stories! Obviously that scared me, because i didnt want to have a horrible experience, and thats what most people had described. 

I'll start of by saying im 17 years old and i live in the UK. I had my operation on the 14th of June, so just over 3 weeks ago :) going in for my operation, i was understandably nervous. My mum and dad were not allowed to stay with me, so i was on my own the whole time. I didnt fully know what to expect, except that i would be put to sleep and wake up in recovery, where i expected to feel pain, and be taken back to the ward. However, i had to wait a few hours before being taken to the theatre to have my operation. I spoke to a few different doctors and got asked loads of questions. Sometimes i was asked the same question more than once by different doctors, i mean i must have explained the reaction i take to penicillin at least 3 times! but all the doctors and nurses were so lovely and treated me like an adult, and did explain a lot of the procedure and what i should do to recover correctly and as quickly as possible. The nurses said i would want to sleep for hours when i woke up, so i wasnt so worried about being in a lot of pain that night. 

When i was taken to get my op, i was even more nervous, but the doctors and nurses were so calming. They made jokes and made me feel happy :) the anaesthetist put the needle in my hand, which actually didnt hurt as much as people said it would. The nurse taped it onto my hand so it wouldn't move and hurt :) then after that the anaesthetist put some liquids into my arm through the needle, and after about 30 seconds, i was out like a light!! 

When i woke up in recovery after the op, i felt like i had tonsillitis again, so it was no where near as sore as i thought it would be! I was so happy about that, it was sore im not going to lie, but not as bad as i had expected! When i woke up, i was so thirsty so i asked for some water, and i was allowed a little bit through a straw. Now, drinking did hurt quite a bit. But DO NOT let the initial pain put you off!! Keep sipping water every 10-15 minutes if you can, because i swear it helps.

I actually wasnt tired, i was very much awake and i stayed awake for the whole of my time in recovery. i remember my drip being taken out in front of me (dont worry you dont even feel it i promise!) then i was taken to my ward. My nurses were surprised at how awake i was, and how well i was drinking, but they said it was a good thing that i wasnt afraid to drink. I even ate a jelly after about an hour of being awake :) 

I had to stay in hospital over night, and i was fine. I ate some breakfast cereal the next morning and really enjoyed it, it didnt hurt too badly. Actually, an hour after i was sent home (less than 24 hours after my op) i ate pasta, haha. 

To be clear, I WAS TOLD TO EAT AS NORMALLY AND AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, AND TO DRINK AS OFTEN AS I COULD. im giving you the advice my doctors gave me. 
1) NEVER take the painkillers on an empty stomach.
2) Stay on the painkillers and dont miss a dose, because the pain can become bad and then you cant eat, so you cant take more painkillers on an empty stomach, so you're in more pain! 
3) Eat & drink as much as possible
4) Dont go out for 2 weeks, and stay in bed for a good few days.
5) Try to avoid getting a cold, coughing will hurt! 

I'll be honest with you, due to how well i was eating, drinking and using the muscles in my mouth, i could stop taking my painkillers after the 3rd day, and the only time i felt pain is in the morning before i ate, and when i yawned or sneezed. SO EATTTTT, cause it helps.. 

Even when the scabs started to fall off between day 6-12 (which are supposed to be the most painful) i felt no pain, and the scabs came off easily because i had not shied away from eating! 

In fact, the only negative thing i have to say about my tonsillectomy, is that my Uvula had swollen ALOT on the 2nd or 3rd day, but by the end of the day it was normal again! (and my taste temporarily changed a bit, i didnt like chocolate :o)

I had no bleeding, no sickness, no intolerable pain, nothing.

You can say i was lucky if you wish, but i really feel i just followed the correct rules to healing well. I strongly believe if you follow those rules, you'll heal well too :D 



I think you are so right about the eating and 12yo just had his surgery 2days ago, he was eating pasta 4 hours later! and has kept on eating and drinking (so proud of him 3 litters a day) and taking the pain meds and so far has done so well! I think it also helped that we started increasing his fluid intake 2wks prior to surgery. Today is day 3 and he is still sleeping so we'll see what today brings.
Honestly the 2 things he has complained about are soreness where he had an iv and his tounge is sore from what they used to hold it down during surgery. Will update how the next few as go....


the eyes in my pic are actually his tonsils =)


im so glad that your son is doing so well! you must be so proud :) eating and drinking as well as he is no will help him when it comes to the scabs falling off, i didn't even feel mine! :)


Just finished day one and also a positive slant - although I'm aware that it'll probably get worse for me

I had to have mine taken out cause I've been having quinseys, and the pain from those have been more than 5 times worse than my current mild sore throat... like most I freaked upon reading horror stories online and nearly cancelled my op, but it hasn't been that bad really (yet, lol)

Also from the UK... and been sipping on water constantly, eating as normal (toast and marmalade for breakfast, toast for dinner, nibbling on crisps, chewing gum, and had pie, chips and peas for tea with no problems)

Pain relief wise, I'm just on paracetemol and codeine, which seems to be doing its job, and making me sleepy.

Hopefully the rest of the recovery is like this