Hello, I am 18 years old and I had my surgery last Thursday, I am now on Day 6 of post-op. The first day after surgery wasn't too bad, my mom has been awesome making me ice cream shakes and fruit smoothies. They are delicious and feel great on my throat but they do cause a lot of phlegm which can be painful because you want to swallow more, and that's painful. Saturday (Day 2) was the worst, i woke up and ate some oatmeal and then began to feel nauseated. I tried to walk to the kitchen to make myself something to drink and suddenly got VERY dizzy, I didn't know if i was going to faint or throw up, turns out it was the second one. I threw up everything i had eaten in the past two days it seemed, it was absolutely awful and anyone who knows how much pain you have to go through knows how much more painful it would be after you throw up. The rest of the day was a lot like that morning, i couldn't keep anything down, even if i didn't eat anything i would dry heave or throw up water. (Sorry if this is graphic) We realized that it was the medicine i was taking. They put me on Hydrocodine, the liquid form, i had been taking it every two hours and double the dose every four hours at night. But, because i hadn't been eating very much i had more medicine in my stomach than food. So i tried to eat more, even though it was the last thing i wanted to do and i would still feel sick to my stomach. I had to decide, pain or puking. So i decided to stop taking the pain medication and switch to Tylenol. It didn't work as well but it was better than throwing up, and i had to be able to eat and keep food down or i would have to go to the hospital. Sunday was better, no throwing up and i started to eat more. I still had a good amount of pain and used ice packs on my neck which seemed to help. Monday was the same, i was very tired and felt weak but began to do a little more every day. I ate eggs, that went well and they tasted good, i just wanted to be able to eat real food again!! I haven't been sleeping at night and tonight was very bad, i swear i didn't sleep at all. Tuesday i woke up with a lot of pain, very sharp, it began to subside later after i started drinking and eating. I decided to go out to lunch with my boyfriend and his family, i ate pasta which was good and it was nice to get out, i felt bad that i wasn't more talkative but i think they understood since i just had major surgery! When i got back i was very tired, but couldn't sleep. The rest of the day i fought a DISGUSTING taste in my mouth and lots of phlegm. I gargled salt water which is supposed to help with both, it helped with the phlegm, but i swear it is impossible to get this taste out of my mouth. Any ideas???? I didn't sleep at all again that night and woke up with very sharp pain. It is day 6 today, right now i am in a lot of pain, i swear its worse than yesterday i can't tell if i'm getting better or worse but i just want this to go away. So far i just wish i had not done this surgery, maybe after it's all done i will feel differently, but right now i just want my normal life back. I can't eat, sleep, go out for very long, i'm losing weight and honestly i don't have anything to lose. If there are any tips anyone has for the pain, or if anyone knows how long it generally lasts, they say two weeks, but that just seems like SO long. My doctor said that they older you are the more painful this procedure will be after surgery, and at first it felt like it did when i was always sick. I had tonsillitis four times, strep twice, and mono, all in a year, it was awful and severely affected my work at college, but i managed. I thought it wouldn't be that bad since i was so used to it, but now it's worse and the not eating this is what really affects you. Stay hydrated and try to eat soft, but substantial foods. Pancakes, eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce, fruit, pastas, anything like that is good, and of course ice cream and malts feel good, but just be careful with the phlegm. If anyone has any other tips for the gross taste let me know! Thank you!