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Hey everyone, I am on my day 5 recovery post tonsillectomy, and I decided to write here to share my experience, which has been pretty good to be honest.

Day 1 was a little difficult, I wasn't allowed to swallow for up to 3 hours post surgery, which sucked, cause it was a disgusting experience,but thanks to the anesthetics, It's something I don't remember well. I was given water and ice cream as well as a painkiller which I take every 8 hours. That night I was afraid to sleep because of all the horror stories I read online, but I did fall asleep after 1 IV injection. I spent the night at the Hospital. Drinking and eating was really painful.

Day 2 was a bit different. I was released from the hospital early in the morning, after been given another IV, and I left for home right away. It was a long drive, 3 and a half hours but they passed fast, partly because I was still under the effect of painkillers and because I was really sleepy. The day sucked cause it was my birthday and everyone forgot lol Drinking was a bit painful, but I made myself drink alot, around 2 L of water. I ate some mashed sweet potato with mashed carrots.Not the best idea since the starchy texture hurt me.Then I ate a creamy homemade soup with broccoli, leek and spinach,no salt.It tasted bad but it was worth it. The night I slept elevated and woke up many times to sip water and to take my medicine.I also had some fever which passed away the following days.

Day 3 was a bit easier, I drank more water, took my painkillers, and ate some food, the same as the day before plus some chicken broth without salt. I was able to eat the mashed potato with carrot by adding some chicken broth and mixing them.It hurt just a little but I got it down in order to not starve. It was the first day I dared to look my throat in the mirror.The scabs maybe had formed ad my tongue was white, but i cleaned it and it stayed pink the next days. 

Day 4 felt even better.I went out with my mom and spent some time in the garden.Again lots of water, around 3 L, and I ate.The fever was coming down, drinking sometimes hurt but it was worth it since I rarely felt any pain that day. I also talked a bit, which made my muscles relax later and lowered the pain.

Day 5 feels great so far.What appear to be white scabs in my throat have started to disappear little by little, revealing pink skin behind them. I'm drinking lots of water and I don't need my pain medications anymore, but I take them anyway to avoid the little ear pain I get when they start to wear off. Sometimes my throat hurts just a bit, maybe due to the scabs falling off? I am hoping it is the scabs since I have heard horror stories talking about the process of them falling off, and yet the white stuff in my throat rarely hurts when it comes off.It is more of an itchy sensation that gets a little annoying.

So far so good, I will try to keep this post up to date to keep the hopes high for people who are going through this. Don't forget though, hydrate! It really helps. Also I haven't eaten any diary foods besides the first day. Maybe my recovery is smooth because I am a really fit person. I worked out every day with maybe a day off once every 10 days before surgery. And ate really healthy. Can't wait to feel better so I can get back to smashing the workouts! I haven't even lost any weight so far, even though I know I am not eating enough calories to sustain my weight.


Updating my tonsillectomy experience, almost through day 6 and the pain has been minimal.Mos of the scabs in the upper part of my throat have fallen off, but I can feel the lower ones moving a bit since they make me want to cough, but I try to hold it.Whatever you do, do not cough! You could make one of the scabs fall prematurely and cause bleeding.So far so good I haven't experienced any bleeding, I have tasted a bit of blood here and there but nothing too extreme or visible (the taste could have come from the exposed tissue). I drink lots of water, and I keep eating soft foods. I am going for a check up at the Dr tomorrow, and hoping of getting to eat solid food soon.