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I am a 38 year old male and had a tonsillectomy on 8/11/09. The pain got worse and worse and is now raw as can be from the scabs falling off. It's now day 9 & feels like I am awaiting for the scabs to fall off low in my throat (if that's possible). How much longer will I have to put up with this agony? also, should I be eating anything other than soft foods to try and remove the remaining scabs? I am now trying to wing my self from the drugs (only on Tylonol now) as i want to get back to normal.


Hi Shawn,

I had mine out on the 2nd June 2009. Im 22 years old and from Devon in the UK. It has taken me at least two months to fully recover but you will get there.

I was taken back into hospital on day six with bleeding and an infection which may be why it took me a little longer to recover. Day 9 - 12 were some of the worst as i suffered cronic ear aches and was still paranoid about a re bleed. I took it easy for those few days and made sure i kept taking the pain killers - I only took 500mg paracetamol as the other drugs made me feel worse.
My scabs came off unoticed but i made sure i drank lots and lots of water and warm milky tea helped. I turned a corner at day twelve and woke up feeling almost human again - this was short lived and felt worse by the next day as i think i tried to do to much.

At nearly a month after the op i was nearly back to normal, a stone lighter and just glad to get up in the morning having some energy, I returned to work on the 23rd June and was so happy to go back! :-D I did feel tired and washed out for the first few weeks but nothing compared to week two.

I still wake up with a dry throat in the morning and have a funny taste sometime, i alos get shooting pains in my neck every so often but apart from that i am now fully recovered. It seems like a long process but it will be worth it. Come the winter time when i have no attacks of tonsillitus i will be pleased.

My advice is to drink lots of water and i mean lots - keep the scabs hydrated!
I ate toast and hard foods from day one onward and i think this helped, don't force yourself though. I ate little and often as my throat would just close up after a while.
Do not do too mcuh, make the most of the time with TV, films and good books.
Don't go back to work to soon as this will set you back longer.
If you develop a temperture or feel strange conatact you ward sister straight away as bleeding is not nice.
Take your pain killers regualry and don't let them ware off - i didn't set an alram for the night time as a good nights sleep made me feel much better, I used to set an alarm for about 6.00am take soem pills and sleep again until they kicked in.
Don't wean of the pain killers too soon - i was still taking paracetamol a week after going back to work, one day you will just think i don't need them anymor

I know the pain you are going though and many people think its just a sore throat! ITS NOT!!! You will recover and this time next month look back and think thank god its over!

Hope you have a speedy recovery!

Cheryl xx


Also forgot to say that the feeling of scabs at the back of your throat are normal and will go way! Try not to cough them out (i know its tempting!). :-D The feeling will go away.

If you have any other questions please let me know - I want to help as many people as possible through this horribe time.