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I'm a 22 year old and just had my tonsils taken out last week. Before I had it done, like most other people, I came onto these sites and read entirely too much information about all the stories people had to give. There were so many horror stories and it freaked me out. Even the morning of the surgery when I was at the clinic I was ready to back down.

Needless to say, it was nothing that I was expecting. I had recurrent tonsillitis so I had definitely already felt throat pains. It really does depend how your doctor performs your surgery. Ask if they are using a scalpel, laser, or plasma coblator. My surgery was done by the plasma coblator and I really would suggest finding a doctor that does tonsillectomy in this way. I wouldn't say it was painless, but my recovery has been amazing.

Like many people have said before, DRINK WATER DRINK WATER DRINK WATER!!!!! I'm not lying, I probably drank 300 ounces of water a day, and I was in mild pain the entire time. I only had one day that I was in a lot of pain, but it was because of the pressure that I had been feeling from the holes where the tonsils had been. ALSO, you should totally invest in a humidifier. I slept with one of those next to my bed, and I never woke up too uncomfortable.

Stay on top of your pain medicines. When it says take every 4-6 hours, take them every 4. It's a must, don't stretch out your time, there is no reason for that and if you run out you can always get more!! Do not disregard this time frame when you are sleeping. You should wake yourself up every 4 hours because the pain you will feel in the morning when you wake up will be so much less if you stay on track!

People also have been writing about how their scabs are so disgusting and peeling off in ways that seriously made me want to throw up. I'm day 9 post op, and my scabs have been coming off but I haven't even known it. I feel kind of a rough feeling in the back of my throat, but I don't taste scabs, and they come off very subtle. I still have some left but it hasn't been at all bad. If you stay hydrated like I have been, it will not peel off that way, instead the scabs just break off when the tissue under it is ready. Those scabs are just like scabs on your body, if you keep moisture on it, it will not crack or peel. Seriously people, I promise good results if you follow what I'm saying.

I seriously can't say this experience has been miserable. I have been eating things like popsicles, icey pops (the kinds in the plastic tubes), sherbet, sorbet, instant mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, mac n cheese, and even egg salad. All have been easy to take down. I recommend not eating chocolate or anything with blue raspberry taste. From my experience, those kind of burn and it is not worth the uncomfortable feeling when there are other things you can be eating. I have noticed that ice cream has not been my favorite because it's really rich and creamy, and sometimes leaves your throat with more discomfort than other foods you can eat. Also, no foods that are too hot. I have been making sure to eat at room temperature.

My mom and I had this down to a science though... If you can't handle the 4 hours between medicines you can follow what I did and it really did help. I took my pain pills every 4 hours, but after about 2 hours I started to feel minor discomfort. When that would happen I would always have a popsicle ready. It would freeze my throat and make me be able to hold over until the 4 hour mark hit. Make sure to take the medicine like clockwork! and remember.... DRINK WATER!!!!!

Rest, rent lots of movies, and don't get out of bed or off the couch. Seriously... the 10 days you need to recovery, just take those 10 days to truly relax. You will not regret it, but if you start to feel better before that and jump the gun on your recovery... you will really be hurting later!!!

Good luck!


An amazingly well written and HELPFUL review!! Kudos to you!!