Hi all,

I just thought ill post something funny for people that are taking duromine.

Well, i'm currently taking Duromine 30mg and unfortunately I'm unemployed because I decided to travel the world, meet new people and get a job when I return to Australia.

 I returned  in January, I also brought a lot of weight with me haha.. Seriously the food in USA, Canada, & Paris is absolutely delicious & I couldn't  resist eating the foods. Anyway I gained 15 kilos in the short 5 months I was  overseas.

Consulted with my doctor and got prescribed Duromine 30mg.

I started applying for jobs because lets face it my bank account will soon have no money and I need money to be able to  get the necessities I need in life etc.

Todayyyyy I had a Job interview and although I was nervous, my heart was beating soooooo fast and  I kept rambling on & on. I became confused and anxious answering the interview questions. I sweated as well, very embarrassing haha, I just said it's been a while since I attended a job interview.

 I really doubt ill get the Job. The poor guys couldn't keep up with me lol.

For those actively looking for work, don't take duromine on the day of your job interview :)

All the best with your weight loss Journey, stay positive & remember diet doesn't have to take over your life, healthy lifestyle is the key for the best weight loss result.

Duromine is only a kickstart aid to assist us develop healthy eating habits, build our self confidence and be more active by exercising.

Hope I made you all laugh:) :)