Ever since the regulators started putting pressure on the food companies to stop using trans-fat foods, many of them started experimenting with changes to their recipes.

Mighty-O Donuts in Seattle is one of the shops that introduced trans-fat-free doughnuts from an all-natural, vegan recipes and that had quite success with it. They said that besides that the work was doing so great as many people switched from trans fat to trans-fat free doughnuts, they were extremely happy that the society in general is accepting an alternative.

Other food makers are switching to the same trans-fat free foods. A city of New York will institute a citywide trans-fat ban from mid 2008, coffeehouse giant Starbucks recently announced that they were half way through a plan to purge trans fats from its food menu and officials in Franklin County, Ohio have even suspended an annual contract to supply the county jail with doughnuts because of the use of trans fats.
Many other doughnut makers are working progressively to develop a zero trans-fat doughnuts.

Artificial trans fats have been criticized to increase the bad cholesterol and decrease the good one.
Many people immediately assume that the trans-fat free doughnuts are calorie restricted and healthier but they are not. Trans-fat free doughnuts will have as many calories as the previous trans fat doughnuts no matter what substitute would be used and wouldn’t be necessarily healthy although certainly healthier than the artery-clogging trans-fat doughnuts and other foods.