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Hello guys,

Is it possible to lose 20 Ibs in just 30 days by optimizing diet and exercise? My mother in law told me that is possible, but I am a little bit suspicious about this. If I want to lose 20 Ibs in just one month, what should I eat, drink? When and how often I need to exercise? Do i need to follow some rules? Should I eat different meals everyday, or repeat the same meals everyday? Where I can find appropriate menu ?

Any experiences? I need to burn my pounds fast.

Please, feel free to post your experiences.



Hello girl,

Yes, It is possible. But, you need to follow instructions constantly. Slow crab diet is healthy and it is a part of ordinary life. You need to follow some tips, and result will be there in just 30 days! I still have not tried this, but my sister has. And it worked. You need to avoid „white“ carbohydrates, such as bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and you will be safe. You need to eat the same meals everyday. Strange, but true. Find your own menu that you will respect. Don't drink any soda or ice tea and milk. You will see that this is really working.

Good luck! 



Hi there,

thanks for posting.  I will follow some of your instructions.

I found some great tips on the internet. I found a low carb diet meal plan that can actually help me, and save my health. Basically, I can eat meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, seeds, healthy oils, and I need to avoid sugar, seed oils, trans fats, and highly processed food.

My plan for one day:

Breakfast - omelet with vegetables fried on olive or coconut oil,

Lunch – Low fat yogurt with berries and almonds,

Dinner – vegetables with some low- fat sauce.

I think this is healthy.

If you have any other slow carb recipes, please let me know.

Thanks a lot!