Fat doesn't make you fat.
Calories don't make you fat.

SUGAR makes you fat. I could explain,b ut it's lengthy and someone else might be sweet (excuse the pun) and explain in more detail).

Fats THAT SUGAR are to be avoided, SATURATED fat is to be avoided for the sake of your heart, but there are other fats and they aren't all bad.

The most important thing to remember is that sugar is bad. Fat cells don't fill with fat, they fill with sugar.
Carbohydarets aren't ALL bad.
Don't look at Carbs on food labels, look at Carbs of which sugar.
Generally white bread, white pasta, white rice etc are more refined that their brown alternatives. Basically, the carbs in brown things break down slower in your body and keep your sugar level steadier and reduce cravings and they keep you going longer.

If you look at a Weight Watchers yoghurt, it is 95% fat free, but the sugar is VERY VERY HIGH. I would definately AVOID such foods. Diet chocolate? Rubbish.

Have the OCCASIONAL choccy, but don't gorge on diet choc bars cos that is no good at all.

Also, remember that alcohol turns into sugar in your body. A bottle of wine is like 8 doughnuts according to a nutritional therapist I spoke to.

I have switched to bornw brea, avoided anything with too much sugar or suagring carbs, cut alcohol down to a minumum (tried to cut out, but it's a very social time at the mo. lol). I have the very odd day off.

I also work out. I do circuit training. It's hard, but it's worth it.

I lost 2.5 stone in a month and now my weight is staying (cos muscle is heavier than fat), but the inches are still going.

If you want to lose weight and firm up then YOU HAVE TO exercise. Sorry. No two ways about it. Maybe not going to the gym, but walk places, stand up more, lift things. Generally be more active cos otherwise you will not firm up, you will just get flabby and - after a while - the flabbiness gets harder and harder to shift.

I hope this has helped. I'm not a doctor or anything. I'm a 20 year old male who has always been obese and is trying to do something about it. I'm sharing the advice given to me by a Nutritional Therapist I went to see recently and it is working for me.

Good luck to all of you.