Health officials announced that an employee of Wolfgang Puck Catering got diagnosed with hepatitis A risk and that he may have put the guests of several events, including Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue party, at risk of contracting the same.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health reported that the risk was actually quite low but that the guests who ate raw food at the magazine's Feb. 14 party should get a preventive shot.

Virus that causes Hepatitis A is usually found in the feces of infected people and can be spread through contaminated food and water. The virus is rarely fatal but it does attack liver and causes fever, diarrhea and jaundice.

The employee that got infected was immediately placed on medical leave and every precaution was taken to protect the guests and other employees.

All the guests and employees have been alerted of the potential risk and advised to take measures regarding relevant health warnings.
It has been concluded that the Puck's restaurants and prepackaged foods were not affected, nor were any parties after Feb. 20, including Sunday's post-Oscars Governors Ball.