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Hi do you know of any recipes suitable for Pancreatitis with NO FAT WHATSOEVER and not even good fats or oils to be consumed. No eggs, no avocado, no tinned fish, no oily fish and the list goes on.


It’s really tough when you have to make such drastic changes in the way you live, but I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that most things are better than risking another pancreatitis attack. But I know from my own experience that when you do have to change something to avoid physical pain, you definitely will do it.

I don’t know how much it helps, but I can suggest you few thiings that are fat-free, which probably can be combined to make a decent meal that will provide you not only proteins you need, but also all the vitamins.
You can get proteins from the soya products, from soya milk to tofu, and there are always ways to prepare some regular food like potatoes, rice or spinach without a fat. And maybe just half-grilling a very lean piece of salmon or chicken breast might add some meat to your diet, without causing any major problems.



Chicken Soup.
100% Fat Free Swanson's Chicken Broth
97% to 99% Fat Free Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts ...I buy the "Eating Right" brand.
Veggies.....I go with snap peas, diced carrot, diced celery....and I just whack off the end, and then dice up the WHOLE thing and throw it in.
I usually go with Farfalle type noodles for the recipe....I've found Barilla to be the brand I like, on account of it's low fat gram per serving or less, and no saturated fat.

If you KNOW of a product, and you can't access it in the market, but you NEED to know it's caloric or fat content per serving. I go here .

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I usually scout out my meals a week before I go shopping, then I make my list on what I want or need for the next two weeks and buy, buy, buy on payday. I've found I'm averaging about $200 on groceries for two weeks, that includes all my meals, breakfast, lunch dinner and two snacks for Sunday thru Saturday. I also find that if I happen upon a deal, 3 for 1, 2 for 1...etc....I'll get it. It's cost effective for me, and I end up with a little xtra.

Breakfast for me.

Egg Beaters.'s egg whites. No yolks. So, no fat. I use cooking sprays as opposed to actual oils....and while your at it, if you haven't already. invest in a good non-stick pan or two or three, along with an 8 quart pot for steaming and boiling, along with at least one non-stick baking sheet, a good roaster WITH the rack to get your meats up off and out of any residual fats or drippings which contain saturated fats.

Salad dressings. I go fat free...and there are PLENTY of choices there.

Snacks. I've been doing granola or granola bars. I know these aren't really recipes aside from the one chicken soup one I've mentioned above, which, by the way, I prep all separately, then bring it all together before serving. Chicken boiled in one pot, veggies in the stock, Farfalle in another pot, then strained and immediately into the stock before they start sticking or clumping....dice my chicken breasts (usually I do two for myself, dinner and a leftover for lunch the next day)...throw that in, and just bring to a slight boil to heat and marry everything together nicely...and serve.

I have a nice bakery in my grocer's, I pick up one guilty pleasure, french' essentially a white bread, but, I still LOVE IT!! Besides, the fat content on it is VERY, I can indulge, cause, sometimes, for me....a person who goes nuts for bread, a snack is some bread...some nice, chewy, crusts!! I go nuts!!! :-)

Turkey bacon, or Boca sausage patties or links. I generally go for the links though, the patties, I've noticed have a bit TOO much fat for me, and I'm seriously going to just eliminate them altogether.

Burger Crumble, another Boca product is good. All soy based, no fat whatsoever!!!! I make burgers from this, but, to get it all to stick together....sort of.....I use soy based cheese.....mozarella, american or swiss. They taste like real cheese, only no FAT!! They melt like regular cheese to, which is NICE!! Then I usually go heavy with bbq sauce, add the usual fixing's....lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion (or not) add a small bag of Lay's Baked Potato Chips...and I've recreated something that looks like something I used to be able to eat.....and it don't taste bad either!!

I've got a recipe for a nearly fat free pie crust. I know they do make a fat free cream cheese, but, I haven't been able to find any locally. I do fat free yogurts for snacks or for desserts, usually I mix in berries, for some reason, my doctors (yes, I said doctors, PLURAL....I have three because of my other health issues/complications) recommended I beef up on my berry intake, along with dark leafy greens.

Cereals. I go with and am sticking with my Honey Bunches of Oats.....the variety WITHOUT NUTS. Nuts are concentrated FATS, GOOD FAT..but STILL FAT-CENTRIC....and in general, bad for us on account of their high fat content. So, enjoy sparingly if you can handle them.

I go FAT FREE on my milk, and I generally go for the CALCIUM enhanced/enriched variety.....oh, lactose free too. We're already eating ENOUGH vegetables that generate gas or gas us up....we don't need to add to the discomfort.

Juices. I do Apple, Cranberry, Cran-grape no problem. Initially though, a day after my discharge from the hospital, I did have some issues with cranberry juice....just left me nauseated, so left it until a week later and no problem.

Fruit. Bannana's, oranges, apples, figs, prunes, mangoes....pretty much ANY fruit is okay with me so far.

One thing I DID notice was that I do get a bit nauseated by instant cereal, Quaker instant cereal makes me a bit queezy and I'll get a bad bout of diarrhea from the stuff, so have avoided anymore of it.

Rice, egg yolk free noodles or pasta's are okay with me.

I am LOVING that I can indulge in Sushi right now problems with salmon, eel, makerel, octopus or the various types of fish eggs, flying fish, salmon etc. I do miss my Gyoza (dumplings, usually fried or filled with some sort of fatty meat).

Beets, carrots, turnips, potatoes, most root vegetables in general don't seem to bother me.

If you are however, finding this listing or my post boring and exhaustive....DO try to research a VEGAN DIET.....which contains NO EGG or DAIRY products and is essentially what I believe you are looking a vegan diet is entirely free of animal fats. There are other fats present though....vegetable derived, nuts, etc.

There's plenty to eat at my house and the recipes and room for creativity on this end is quite exhaustive. What I usually do is hit up the book store or go online, find something I like or think would taste good, then go to work on changing the recipe to an entirely or nearly entirely fat free one. Eliminate the oils, the saturated/meat derived fats by opting for leaner or less fatty cuts of say, beef, or change it over to include chicken.

Most of us recovering from pancreatitis can't handle spicey foods. I'm finding that I'm handling them okay right now, at one month after my attack and intial diagnosis. Pepper, black and white, chiles, jalapeno's, problems. Course, I grew up eating them as well, and they're a regular part of my diet anyway, but, I can't exactly see myself NOT eating, just picked up the cayenne pepper and salsa like it was no biggie upon my return home.

Go for baked chips, tortilla or potatoe if you're into chips....they're not deep fried, so, you don't have to worry so much about fat content, but, check your brands anyway, or hit up that link I posted. If it's around 1 gram or less than 9, I think you're fine...but, again, that's for ME it's fine. One month in and I still am approaching this whole thing as positively as possible, looking to cooking my meals and finding creative ways to cook things as a challenge. I'm a man who LOVES TO EAT!! So, I've gotta find new, flavorful ways to cook things. Onions, shallots, parsley, oregano, rosemary, thyme, mint, ....ALL spices are fat free in their natural states....and are good ways of perking up otherwise bland dishes. Just go easy if you're not sure of what your're using or if you're experimenting on a new dish. The key is to flavor your meal, to make something enticing and delicious out fo something completely bland and unappetizing. That's how I approach my meals. Taking Tofu and making something edible out of it is a stretch and a challenge. Now I can cook tofu up and I've found it's ain't so bad.'s certainly no replacement for the steak I once enjoyed. but, if I buy it ULTRA LEAN, I can have my steak. But, I'll save that for a special occasion.

I'd also avoid any butter substitutes. It may say FAT FREE on it, but, I'm personally leary of them. They are vegetable oil based or derived.....and hence, are STILL FATS.

I was never a big butter kinda guy, but, once in awhile was nice. But, still, I avoid the stuff.

Anyway. For what it's take on a response to your initial question on recipes.


Pancreatitis can be helped with shiitake mushrooms and other high potassium foods. Good for you to take steps to avoid pancreatitic attack.


This was the most helpful info! I've been researching and this is what I needed, everything in one place. Thank you!


Pretty solid bro. Here are the 2 major things I have a tiny issue with and may or may not bother some people. ell one prob always will be bad. Ofcourse the pancreas is responsible for producing the enzymes that break down food into nutrition for us. Amylase for carbs, LIPASE for fat, i believe papain and bromaline for protein. So in theory controlling the inflammation involves keeping those out of control enzymes at bey. Fat will make our LIPASE rise, "amylase" will rise from carbs of all kinds, simpler or white carbs will be worse, or produce more enzymes(panky work) than complex or whole wheat carbs, white rice more than brown, atleast all in theory.

BUT WHAT THEY DON'T TELL US IS THE WORKLOAD THAT "PROCESSED FOOD" puts on our pancreas, more than almost any fats or reg carbs ever could. I say this because any and all added coloring's and flavorings, like "caramel color", or "artificial flavoring", even shitty sugar supplements like sucralose and aspetimne, these are THE WORST THING FOR US. SOOOOOOOOO, Just sticking to "fat free" esp SALAD DRESSING can put a serious strain on your already strained panky. I noted a while back, as someone with CHRONIC PancreatItis, that almost all SALAD DRESSINGS, AND "SAUCES" HAVE TERRIBLE artificial ingredients and processed c**p in them. I would take a look into organic fat free dressings, things with more than 3-4 ingredients on the label, chuck it.....or better yet for salads just have a tad of a high quality olive oil (some can handle a little more than others) with fresh lemon. Some cant have ANY oil, but even for those people you'll find that a tiny bit of olive oil is an easier workload on the pancreas than 1 tablespoon of "reg fat free salad dressing"...Check it out, And I don't mean to sound jerky, I really appreciated your post, and because it was so good is why I wanted to contribute.

The 2nd thing is I'm not a big fan of so much SOY. As a guy who works out a lot, or used to , searching for muscle building proteins is a challenge, but as you said sushi, fish of almost all kinds esp cold water, and lean steamed/baked whitemeat chicken and turkey work well. Soy has been known to enhance the growth of breasts in men, not so cool bro, lol. It has a lot of really bad side effects when consuming any, let alone lot of it. Now I know for us busted panky people, "some" soy may be necessary t replace our other favorites , tons of stuff like all cheeses, and fat free bacon, and "meatless" everythings, come from soy, and help us to get "those things", but to me I stay clear of all soy products for it's other bad health reasons.

Just dropping my 2 cents from my pancretitis life, which is starting to blow as****e. I hope all of you guys are pain free, and having a good a night as possible. Keep the saturated fat and alcohol down no matter what, and the few tips I mentioned are worth checking into. Those preservatives and packed food generally speaking isn't good for us with injured pancreas's

I salute all of my fellow pancreas soldiers!

---Bekay (Brandon)

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