Hey guys, I know I already asked this but I want to explain this better. I had sex with my girlfriend two days ago and I used a condom and also pulled out. But then we went out to eat and I went pee before we left I know for a fact, what in worried about is I wiped off my penis but never washed it. And we were out for more than an hour so I know my penis was dry then we went for round two and I only didn't have a condom on for three pumps and I wiped off my tip even though I knew no Precum was there just in case then I only pumped three times then put on a condom after those short three pumps I know my penis was dry and I took a pee before we left and it was more than an hour that we were gone but in still worried for some reason. I have extream axiety and I've never felt this way before I'm probably just scared because of my axiety. Thankyou in advance :) just that dried cum that was there that I wiped off but never washed off worries me it was definatly around an hour and a half before I went back in and my penis was dry and I went pee before.