I am worried as hell!! Because my periods get irregular often by a week or two! And previous noon me and my partner were just into oral ,stroking and quite a few rounds of fingering and a little rubbing off the tip! Little precum on fingers (yes -mostly wiped dried or sucked dry )and may be the on the vulva lips but wayyyy before he came on my belly in the shower Standing although I collected most of it in my hand and washed myself off! I am dead worried of the precum pregnancy if may be! Will be more careful from now! Though I couldn't take him in with a condom on very little of the tip! We stopped as we felt the resistance and didn't want to break the tissue!Never had fingered myself before too! Did hurt a little !We both Felt funny and weird ! Please a reply would help relax my worries ! I have two questions!! There's no pregnancy to worry about right? And is there any chance my hymen if present broke because I didn't bleed at all not did it pain only when he was pushing a little deeper with the finger in! Also my vagina gets dry pretty quick!