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The pharmacy should know who has been on what for how long and should never let someone go through the pain they know I am goingthorugh and since my dr is out town they laugh at you

I get so embarrassed I take care of myself aside from the accidents I was in and my chronic pain, I sometimes have to keep two 100 mcg duragelsi patches, I don't know how to stop taking this or if I will die I have tried and it hurts like losing a Love.

I have had to go out of town for business and I ran out of my patch so I am in my hotel room like an animal afraid cold sweaty short of breath
there is no light I went to a dr here and he looked at me like I was some druggie
the dr looks at me like I am crazy for taking this and the dr. who prescribed this is out of town. I am in so much pain then they are like goto ER I am like what I can show you documentation m stomach is killing me
they treat you like hell and for the breakthrough pain
I am on 10. 325 percocet or hrdo 1-2 every 1-2 every 4 hours

they have treated me so horrible it is for legitimate pain and I have tumors and ulcers in my stomach so I can't take that much regular medicine

the pharmacy knows of my problem and has a record the dr went out of tow so he left me high n dry wouldn't return page.

I have been taken this for well over 2 years now and
I feel like I am dying

isn't an ER suppose to help you? or at least verify with your dr
you're taking this medication and it is legitimate


That sucks man, I'd get a new doc. For now though you probably should go to the hospital. I can't imagine how horrible the withdrawal must be.