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I am 20 1/2 years old and have been drinking almost everyday for the last two years, (typically 4 to 6 drinks a day and a little more on weekends), as well as smoking marijuana almost everyday for the last three years. I have finally decided after another misreable year of being depressed all the time to quit, and I was wondering if anyone knows what the withdrawal symptoms combined will be? I do not know if I should try to quit one at a time,try to quit both and see if I can, or just go to rehab? Im feeling very low and guilty, because I realize all the time and money I've wasted. Also, does anyone know what long term damage this might have caused? Please help me, thank you.


Hello Joe,

I work for a drug and alcohol rehab. If your going to quit I would suggest both at the same time. While on one brings your defenses against the other down. As for long term affects your a young man and if you manage to quit now you will probably be fine. however I am not a doctor and if you are concerned I would suggest you speak to your primary care giver about it. Also he or she will be able to offer you options.

Best regards