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Everyone tells me that eating ice is harmful. My daughter recently gave birth but during her pregnancy her doctor threatened to hospitalize her. Her ice eating had caused a drop in "something". I eat ice thru out the day and wake up only to get a pieces thru out the night. Is eating ice harmful? I am desperate to know!



There are various side effects of chewing ice and first and most harmful is that constantly eating and chewing ice can be extremely harmful for your teeth and gums. My friend, who is a dentist, always point out how this is bad habit and it should be avoided.

Sometimes your voice can be changed due eating ice addiction and also ice can be harmful for throat and mouth.

Addicted to eating ice has been noticed in women, men, child and old ones.

Extreme gas, stomach bloating and pain in stomach is also side effect of this addiction as well.

Pica is a medical term for eating ice and can be considered like disorder of eating non-nutritive substances such as clay, chalk, coal, paint chips, cement chips and dirt.