I too, can't stop my ice cube crunching and eating. I was told by a couple docs yrs ago I was anemic, so was my mother. I had 3 major surgeries in 2016 and after that is when my ice cube cravings began. Coincidence? One of those Orthopaedics gave me a script for iron pills-325 milligram pills. I rarely take them because they upset my stomach. I also take a multi vitamin with no iron- yet loaded with all the other types of vitamins and minerals. I also currently have to take heavy doses of narcotic painkillers for some quality of life without pain. I was on these for a long time before my three 2016 major surgeries, yet was not eating ice then at all...just after my three surgeries is when this all started. I love eating ice. I eat REGULAR size store bought ice cubes...approx 1 and half bags a day-- not the great giant sized bags. I like them alot when I have coffee too. I drink coffee throughout day and some in evening, too. Same amount of coffee amount pre-surgeries.

I can not figure why I am eating all these cubes. I will eat only store bought cubes as they are more clear and seems more hard frozen as well.I do recall when approx I was 8-10 yrs old my mom took me to a doc in very late 1950's or early 60's because I was eating dirt off only a small partial  basement wall that was used back then for our coal bin, and a few times I would consume the small coal pieces, too. The doc said I might have a small vitamin/mineral deficiency issue and not to worry. Those habits all stopped shortly later and never did it again. So, why now am I eating all these ice cubes?? I am 66 with bad osteo-arthritis and many surgeries from it. Both knees in last 10 yrs replaced,both hips  replaced in  separate surgeries in 2016 and two 9 inch rods with 11 screws put in back in 2016...ANYONE have any ideas on my ice cube habit...please help as I am concerned. Thank you for reading my plight here.