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I noticed quite a few post around how to heal from piriformis.

There is a reason that there is such a mystery of this injury and how to effectively treat it.

Most piriformis is not a running or physical injury. What I mean is, it is not caused by a physical dysfunction, too much running, tight muscles, etc.

The cause of most piriformis, sciatica, plantar facsiitis and back pain is inner tension. Yes the pain symptoms are very real, however the cause is inner stress or inner tension that causes our nervous system to initiate a bio-chemical event called oxygen deprivation.

Oxygen deprivation means that blood vessels restrict blood flow and the lack of oxygen to muscles and nerve tissue is pain - burning, shooting, soreness, spasms, constant, moving, etc. Yes this is a very dynamic pain disorder.

I lived with or should I say suffered with piriformis for 3 years. Yes I tried everything to treat it. Nothing worked until I was told about the inner tension cause.

This is a difficult diagnosis for many runners or athletes to accept...we are conditioned to look for a physical cause and unfortunately in these pain disorders that is much of the challenge in healing.


Monte, How and where did you get the diagnosis, and what treatment have you received since. Have you stopped the symptoms or are you still suffering. Mine was caused by a severe fall on the ice and a direct hit to the butt. I am having PT, which includes Grasston, a scraping of the butt muscle, primarily the piriformis and I can feel the lumpy scar tissue and spasm. I use heat and massage to bring blood to the area, as well as exercise. Any info you can impart would be much appreciated.



Hi Monte

I would very much appreciate more information about how you reached the conclusion that internal tension was the root cause of your symptoms, and, more importantly, what you did about it.

I am a massage therapist working with a client who's been dealing with this for 2 years now, has gone many routes trying to address without success. She could really use your help!

Mary Anne Newkirk, LMT
Ellicott City, MD