On 5/1/08 my Brother was diagnosed with lung cancer (spot on left lung about the size of a quarter) and operated on 5/19/08 (entire left lung removed). A few days after surgery they determined he had pneumonia (although it was not diagnosed immediately because of some blood on his right lung and the Drs. said the pneumonia was behind the dried blood and did not show up on the X-ray; then last week they diagnosed ARDS and today they said he had ALCALIGENES (a/k/a Muddy Water Bug). I can't find much on it and what I do find is very technical and I really don't understand it. Can someone send me some information (in laymen's terms) so I can read about this? My Sister-in-Law said that his new Doctor for this new disease is a CDC doctor. I really need your help. He cannot live with all these complications.

Many thanks for your prompt reply. Judy Christy